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Acantecs is an emerging name in powder metallurgy applications


Shaping powders to precision

Acantecs operate a complete design and manufacturing service using powder metallurgy technologies, an advanced and innovative solution to traditional manufacturing methods. Our process provides solutions to produce simple or complex shapes and materials to maximise metallic performance for end-use applications. The finished high-quality product strives for a near-net shape to minimise material machining, improve yield, provide consistent dimensions, and improve mechanical properties. We work with diverse industries, including Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, and Automotive.

Our process


Hermetically sealed canisters for PM HIP applications

Steel | ODS Steel | Cobalt Base Alloys | Nickel Base Alloys | Tungsten | Vanadium | Chrome

We offer a wide range of encapsulated metal powder materials


20+ years’ experience in metals, steel & superalloy markets

Our competitive advantage is our dedication to customer service, evidenced by strong relationships with our loyal customer base and reliable network of suppliers. We work flexibly to offer tailored solutions to improve your product performance. Acantecs excel in delivering your product on time; we provide short lead times from design to delivery.

Industry specialty

Hermetically sealed canisters for PM HIP applications

Our product